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8-bit Showdown 8-bit Showdown

Rated 5 / 5 stars


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EliteFerrex responds:

The deep and insightful nature of your comment warms my soul. Thank you for this life-changing experience.

8-bit Island 8-bit Island

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What the!?

I LIVE with you and missed you making this. How the hell did that happen? In any case, I really like this song. The melody and stuff are very happy and cheerful. Doesn't sound epic or over the top, but is just a "fun" song to listen to. So, bavo bro, and keep up the fun stuff. =D

FF7 - Battle Theme Metal Redux FF7 - Battle Theme Metal Redux

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I hear something familiar...

First, I love how this song functions on multiple levels. It's clearly the FF7 Battle Theme, but it's also an actual remix, not just a cover. Second, I like that I hear some notes similar to one of Zero's themes from the MegaManX Series. Regardless, I really like this song, even with all the rock remixes of this out there. Great job! =D

Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sweet as Always, but...

I really liked the Alpha bit, but I have to say that the Omega/Elite Ferrex bit was my favorite. When I listen to it NOW against your older versions, this version kicks much more ass than before.

I honestly think you should break your word and release one final, upgraded, mastered, and reworked version of Elite Ferrex/Omega to give it a real send off.

It was your first REAL original piece other than alot of experimentation, and it deserves its own final tribute, if you ask me.

Let it go out with a bang...

8-bit Dr. Wily! 8-bit Dr. Wily!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing Recreation

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I know Ferrex personally, and I can guarantee you that hours of work went into painstakingly recreating this song down to every last detail.

Since everyone seems to think it's a rip, he has obviously recreated the song perfectly, which was his intention.

Carry on, Ferrex, carry on.

EliteFerrex responds:

Thanks, Ryugi. I appreciate your standin' up for me. =)

Megaman NES Compilation Megaman NES Compilation

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"Fucking Awesome..."

As always, this kicks much ass. I can't wait to see what else you churn out next.

P.S. - TOP-MAN FOREVAR!!! ...Charge-Man is a close second.

Metroid - Brinstar Metroid - Brinstar

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Classically Flowing...

While the notes of this song haven't really been changed, the way it flows is very nice. It isn't super fast, it isn't super slow. The flow of the notes is perfect. It isn't hardcore or epic, but it carries a feeling of moving and continuing onward, almost like a raft flowing down a river, or a car driving down a highway. Metroid was a game where Samus moved on from area to area fighting enemies and trekking through endless corridors. This song fits almost perfectly into that frame of mind when you think about it.

Excellent work my friend. You've captured the ongoing flow of Metroid in a simple and effective song. And its catchy on repeat too!

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King DeDeDe On E King DeDeDe On E

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply Epic...

You do great things with your songs Ferrex. Don't let fuckheads like Navi down there disappoint you or discourage you with their superior sounding bullshit. This song is awesome, and don't you let anyone tell you otherwise. Music is an artform. And music, just like fine art, must be taken for what it is, and admired for what it is, not broken down and examined piece by piece to find the flaws in it.

My personal opinion is that Navi's music is absolutely terrible. After listening to it, I had to come back here and listen to a few of your songs to clear it out of my head. I might also point out, that at the very moment of this review, that most of Navi's songs with the same vote count have scored less than this song of yours here. And that is community opinion, and fact, not personal opinion on my part. So, keep that in mind when you make your next song. Don't listen to anything but your emotions and feelings when making the song. Let the notes and sounds flow from your mind and into the mix to create the perfect sound that you're looking for.

Keep up the awesome work, Ferrex.

Elite Ferrex (Full Version) Elite Ferrex (Full Version)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best work yet, but you can do better =D

This is by far the best work I've heard you create.

First off, its an ORIGINAL WORK, which is rare for you to simply create and sound this badass. The beat carries through the song well, and makes you feel like you're being pulled through the melody by the sounds and rhythm.

I gave it an 8 for Diversity because while it is far more diverse than your usual techno and trance music, it still follows a very particular pattern in the notes. For next time, experiment with adding a little more into the song. Maybe more rises and falls, a little more diversity in the notes themselves, and things like that. If you listen to it you might notice that the notes stay very close to one another for most of the song, which is fine for the main melody, but for your next song, try adding a little more diversity in the bits that fill in the space around the main melody.

Don't be afraid to add something different in the middle of the song that departs a little bit from the main section. You can always pull it back to the main section with a dramatic or powerful hook to bring more attention to the piece, and make the song seem a little less straight, and a little more multi-directional in the feeling and flow of it. Truly powerful and epic music moves up and down, it curves and twists, pulling the listener along for the ride. This song is very very close to being able to do that. But, the flow of the music is dragging the listener forward and onward with the song, pushing them ahead to see whats next. Its close, its epic, but with a few small things, you can do even better.

Keep up the good work! =D

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